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Welcome to Camping Tents for Preppers. If you are a survivalist, outdoorsman, hunter, fisherman, prepper or just want to go camping, here you will find a good selection of tents. Our Tents may be used for habitation by travelers, recreational campers, and disaster victims.  Tents are economical and practical. This is because of high portability and low environmental impact which are essential qualities when traveling in the back country.

Camping tents fall into two categories. Tents for backpackers are the smallest. These smaller tents are light enough that they may be carried for long distances on bicycles, boats and backpacks. The military uses such tents for temporarily shelter under field conditions.

The second type are heavy tents which are usually carried in a vehicle. Depending on tent size , these tents are assembled from 5 to 25 minutes; Taking the tend down takes about the same time. Some tents have spring-loaded poles and may be set up in seconds. This kind of tent will take a few minutes to take down and pack.